District Plan

Te Mahere ā-rohe

The District Plan guides land use and development across our district. It sets out what activities you can do as of right, what activities you need resource consent for, and how certain activities may be carried out. It covers things like residential development; noise; location and height of buildings; activities on the surfaces of rivers and lakes; and protection of indigenous vegetation.

Operative and Proposed District Plans

We are undergoing a District Plan review and are currently working under two District Plans: the Operative District Plan and the Proposed District Plan. Click on the tiles below to find out more.

Our new ePlans have launched

We’ve just launched brand new electronic formats of our District Plan, which we’re calling ePlans.

Please note: we have separate ePlans for our Operative District Plan and our Proposed District Plan.

Find out more about the new ePlans and access them using the buttons below.

Your zone

Search an address using our Operative District Plan ePlan or our Proposed District Plan ePlan to find out what zone applies.

You can then use the ePlans to view plan chapters and find the relevant rules and information, and if any changes are proposed.

Open for submissions:

Please see below the processes that are open for submissions under Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act (RMA) or the Streamline Planning Process (SPP).

Upcoming hearings

See below upcoming hearings of submissions to variations to the Proposed District Plan.

Contact us

If you have questions regarding the Proposed and Operative District Plans for the following issues we're here to help. Please contact us on either of the phone numbers or the email address provided below.

  • How the District plan works – current and future stages

  • What is included within the Operative and Proposed District Plans

  • The zoning a property is located in

  • How to make submissions

  • How to find documents

If you have any questions regarding a resource consent, or to find out if you need to apply for a resource consent then please find more information about what our Resource Consent duty planner can help you with here.

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