Forward Works Viewer

Forward Works Viewer is a visual and secure online mapping tool for anyone involved in planning or managing large scale projects or community events in the Queenstown Lakes District.

About Forward Works Viewer

Forward Works Viewer was designed so that organisations involved in infrastructure and building construction, repair and maintenance activities within a region, could have up-to-date information on all current and planned work so that efforts could be consolidated using resources more effectively and efficiently.

We are providing this tool to developers, project managers, surveyors, planners, architectural designers, builders, roading, traffic management companies and event planners to share knowledge, work together and utilise resources to minimize disruption.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council first started uilising Forward Works Viewer in early 2021, and now we currently have over 10,000+ projects in the region registered in the Forward Works Viewer, with more on the way. The district has experienced considerable and consistent growth over many years, this growth pressure has led to significant investment in the area over the next ten years, including an ambitious programme of works costing over $2.5 billion.

By using the Forward Works Viewer, sufficient support is provided to our team and other organisations to coordinate and plan their works programme, furthermore this tool helps to ensure minimal disruption to residents and visitors. This tool is simple to navigate, free for businesses and efficiently uploads project data to the system.

While the Forward Works Viewer offers a large benefit to construction and infrastructure companies, it has also been known to assist the film industry for event planning.

  • The Forward Works Viewer allows anyone involved in managing or delivering large scale projects or events in the Queenstown Lakes District to take a holistic approach to strategic planning.     

    Users can see what other work is planned in the same area enabling communication and collaboration across projects to identify efficiencies and opportunities and importantly minimise disruption for our communities.

  • Anyone who is managing or planning a large-scale project and has the intent to provide and utilise data can sign up to Forward Works Viewer. The viewer is given a high-level view of all projects happening in the vicinity of specific developments or events, increasing awareness and facilitating communication. The tool provides shared knowledge to work together and utilise resources to minimize disruption.

    • Single authoritative view of work within the city

    • Shared knowledge and new opportunities for communication and collaborative work

    • Coordination of work across different organisations

    • Searchable projects with map display

    • Awareness of coordination risks

    • Evidence of work underway/ Evidence of completed work

    • Visibility of location of essential utilities and services

    • Project contact details are displayed to assist communication

    • Dashboard programme reporting for stakeholders

  • The tool also helps understand potential impacts on projects in the early stages of planning and helps work through any potential clashes. Clashes happen when more than one project stage occurs at the same time, in the same space. They are potential opportunities for two project stages to work together as they are intending to be in the same place at the same time. Identifying clashes allows enhanced communication and collaboration and for high level relationships to be created.

    For example; one trench dug in a development project can be used for telecommunications cables, water supply pipes, power supply cables and gas supply pipes. This way the work can be done once rather than separate entities digging a trench in the same vicinity multiple times.

    Opportunities arise when projects are planned in the same place but occur at different times. In this case there is an opportunity to adjust project stage states to align so the work can happen at the same time. All project contact details are displayed to assist developers in communicating with each other.

  • The tool was originally developed to support a coordinated approach to recovery following the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes. Forward Works Viewer is being used successfully in both the Canterbury and Auckland regions and is currently being released in Wellington. The future goal is to create a single portal for private and government run projects in New Zealand to enable industry leaders to communicate and collaborate on projects like road work, telecommunications, water, gas, construction and development.


Accessing Forward Works Viewer

If you have any questions on the Forward Works Viewer or would like a demo, please email the forward works team or request access below.