Pedigree information for pooches throughout the Queenstown Lakes.

About Scuttlemutt

Scuttlemutt is an online newsletter sent to dog owners in the Queenstown Lakes every six months, featuring the latest information on everything from upcoming registration periods to cool dog-related events we're hosting in the district.

We'll also feature great walks you can take your pooch on, while checking in with dogs we've rehomed to see how they're doing, and much, much more!

Scuttlemutt will be sent out on Friday 5 May 2023, and Friday 27 October 2023.

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Dog of the month

Got a good boy or good girl at home?

If you think your pup is the most photogenic in the Queenstown Lakes, send a picture of them to Queenstown Lakes District Council's Facebook page, and let us know their name and why they're the best.

Scuttlemutt will be sharing our dog of the month in the district every time we send out a new edition. Bragging rights are there for the taking!

Your dog can be doing anything - standing in front of one of our many breathtaking landscapes in the Queenstown Lakes, celebrating a birthday, or just catching a few z's in the backyard. We want to see it all!

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