I want to help

Thanks for taking steps to show manaaki (hospitality and care) and help our community this winter. There are lots of ways you can help, whether it's offering a room or supporting local groups. Read more here. 

Consider offering a room

If you’re considering offering a spare room or place to live, we’ve pulled together some useful links below.

    • Make some extra money - although remember to set a fair rate 

    • Expand your horizons - you might meet someone from a different culture, make friends and new connections

    • Help support local businesses - you might be providing a home for someone new to the community and/or supporting our local businesses with accommodation for their workers

    • Get a bit of help around the house - share your pet-walking, babysitting or cleaning duties (if you want!)

  • There's a lot to think about before you offer a room or property.  Here's some links and resources  to help you decide what's best for you.  

  • Once you’ve decided what’s best for your situation, then you can: 


How else can I help?

  • Not everyone is in a position to help with accommodation.  There are lots of other ways you can help: