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Operative District Plan

He mahere whakahaere ā-rohe

The Operative District Plan (ODP) is the current version of the plan which contains objectives, policies and rules for resource management activities across our district. These provisions still apply until there are no more appeals on the Proposed District Plan provisions.

Our new ePlans have launched

We’ve just launched brand new electronic formats of our District Plan, which we’re calling ePlans.

Please note: we have separate ePlans for our Operative District Plan and our Proposed District Plan.

Find out more about the new ePlans and access them using the buttons below.

Operative changes to the District Plan


Operative 21 March 2024

Schedule of changes - Accessible Parking Provisions

Schedule of changes - Private Plan Change 54 Northlake


Plan changes to the ODP

Click here to see completed plan changes to the Operative District Plan and any applications for a Private Plan Change.

Non-Schedule 1 amendments to the ODP