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Background information

On this page you will find background information relevant to the Proposed District Plan. This includes the factsheets and snapshots which are released when each new proposal is notified, as well as glossaries, videos, related studies, and commissioner information.

Factsheets and snapshots

The following factsheets and snapshots were created at the notification stage to provide information about the proposed changes to provisions and chapters. They do not reflect decisions that have since been made by Council.

My Place Pre-Consultation Summaries

The My Place public pre-consultations were held in 2019 for residents to share ideas about housing, climate change, long-term growth and land use. Below are the summaries from the pre-consultation workshops:


Studies and models

QLDC studies

Related studies and materials

We've pulled together a range of related articles if you're keen to get into more detail. They highlight that many other areas have faced similar issues and used similar approaches.

Related monitoring reports