Find your zone using GIS



The zoning of all properties within the District is shown on the Council GIS maps.

To find the zoning of the property you are interested in, put the address in the Search bar or zoom in to find its location.

Once you have found it, click on your property and this will bring up a pop-up box that provides the zoning/s that apply to your property.

You can scroll through the pages showing the relevant planning information by clicking on the arrows. 


Council is currently undertaking a staged review of the District Plan, consequently the zoning of the property under both the Operative District Plan (ODP) and Proposal District Plan (PDP) may be of relevance.

There may be more than one zoning applicable to your site. For example, the property might be zoned Rural zone, but also have an area of the property which is labelled a Building Restriction Area, or a property might be zoned Lower Density Suburban Residential Zone but also have a Wahi Tupuna overlay across it. There are corresponding rules to these zonings and annotations within the District Plan.

The Council GIS mapping also provides other information which may be of relevance to your project such as natural hazards, servicing and property information.