Synchro for Kids


Looking for something super cool to get the kids into?

Synchronised swimming is a fun combination of dance, gymnastics and of course swimming! Individuals and teams perform synchronised routines to music, demonstrating strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance.  

Synchro demands advanced water skills, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. 

Students must be confident in deep water, have goggles and a nose clip.

Lesson Times

Days and times: 

SYNCHRO - Wednesdays 5-6.30pm; Fridays 3.30pm to 5pm (lap pool)
MINI-SYNCHRO - Thursdays 5.30-6pm (learners' pool).

Synchro and mini-synchro classes are spilt by abilities and not by age:

  • Mini-synchro goes from 'penguins' level (or 'crazy crocs' for preschool age) up to 'octopus'/'otters' (or 'super squids' for preschool age)
  • Synchro goes from 'dolphin' level and above.

Commitment: To help our Synchro team cohesively develop their skills and routine, we require your child to commit to a full term of synchro sessions, rather than casual attendance.

Location: Alpine Aqualand


Option 1: Synchro & Swim Lesson
Lesson duration: 1.5 hours
- 30 minute swim lesson
- 30 minute synchro technique
- 30 minute skills/routine
Price per lesson: $13

Option 2: Synchro & Swim Lesson
Same as above, but twice per week (-20% discount)
Price per week: $23.40

Option 3: Swim Lesson
Lesson duration: 1 hour
- 30 minute synchro technique
- 30 minute skills/routine
Price per lesson: $9.50


Interested? For more details and how to come in for a free assessment, please contact Elena Dal Pra on 03 450 9124 or email