Our Facilities

Wanaka Pool

Visit the new three-pool complex at Wanaka Recreation Centre for family fun, swim lessons, relaxation or to keep fit. Located at Three Parks (off Ballantyne Road), our 25m, 8-lane lap pool, 20m learners' pool with separate toddlers' area and adult hot pool is only a quick 5 minute drive from central Wanaka.


Aqua Bars

Our custom designed Aqua Bars enable you to have a high intensity workout that is non-weight bearing and low impact. Available at no extra cost, the bars are perfect for rehabilitation exercise, working out when injured and for those who lack water confidence, are elderly or overweight. A specific set of exercises have been developed to help you use the bars effectively. These exercises can be adapted and tailored to suit a specific training or rehabilitation programme.


Change Rooms & Accessibility

Separate male and female change areas are available, containing showers, toilets, baby change tables and hairdryers. We have one self-contained accessible change room and three separate family change rooms. A chair hoist and hand rails are available for entering the pool.



We have a great range of Speedo swim wear, swim caps and goggles available for purchase as well as a small selection of drinks, snacks, sweets and ice-creams.


Aqua Nappies

All children aged 3 and under must wear swim nappies and tight fitting swim wear during their pool visit. The key requirement is that there are two lines of defence - nappy and togs. We recommend Speedo Aqua Nappies, which are eco-friendly and re-usable. They are to be worn with a second layer - either togs or a disposable swim nappy.

You can find aqua nappies at local supermarkets.


Lost Property

For security reasons we recommend leaving your valuables at home where possible. Any items that are left behind or handed into our staff will be kept in lost property as follows:

  • Valuables - handed to NZ Police after 24 hours
  • Toiletries - kept for one week and then thrown out
  • Clothing - kept for one month and then given to the Wanaka Recycle Centre
  • Socks/Underwear - thrown out at the end of the day