Pre-School Lessons

Introduce your pre-schooler to the wonderful world of swimming! Our fun programme and awesome instructors will help your pre-schooler discover the water independently, gain confidence and learn how to enjoy the water safely. Our pre-school lessons are suitable for children aged 3-4 years. All classes are 30 minutes in duration.

Fees: $105 per term, based on a 10-week term

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Happy Hippos

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Repeated submersions with bubbles
  • Assisted rotation front to back
  • Assisted relaxed flotation on back
  • Unassisted flotation on front and regain to standing position


Busy Beavers

  • Unassisted back float without support for 5 secs
  • Push and glide front/back
  • Unassisted rotation/both directions/turn over
  • Push glide freestyle kick 5m
  • Assisted breaststroke/simultaneous kicking action 5m


Crazy Crocs

  • Streamline kicking front/back 8m
  • Repeated rotate kicking between front and back 8m
  • Basic backstroke 8m
  • Basic freestyle 8m
  • Basic breaststroke 8m
  • Basic dolphin kick/undulating action 5m


Super Squids

  • Freestyle/bilateral breathing 2 lengths
  • Backstroke 2 lengths
  • Basic breaststroke (pop up breathing) 1 length
  • Dolphin kick 1 length
  • Tread water 10 secs
  • Scull head first 5m