Parent and Child Lessons

It’s never too early to learn, and babies love water! Introducing them to water at an early age will help them gain a lifelong skill. Classes are conducted with a parent or guardian in the water, so take this opportunity to bond with your child and improve their water confidence.

Fees: $105 per term, based on a 10-week term

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Rubber Duckies: 6 - 12 months

  • 8 per class, 30 minutes
  • Introduce your infant to the water
  • Basic water safety at home and the pool


Frogs: 12 - 24 months

  • 8 per class, 30 minutes
  • Submersion of your child
  • Increased independent movement
  • Floating and rotation skills


Sprats: 24 - 36 months

  • 8 per class, 30 minutes
  • Develop independent movement in the water
  • Increase water confidence
  • Encourage basic swimming

First Steps

The more relaxed and confident you are in the water, the more secure and relaxed your baby will feel. Be sure to keep your movements slow and controlled, especially when entering the water. Encourage your child, smile at them and try to remain relaxed, giving them plenty of time to adjust to this new environment. This will help your child feel comfortable in the water and result in a fun, rewarding experience.

After Your Lesson

Keep your child warm by bringing a dry change of clothes for them to wear home. We recommend you give them lots of encouragement and praise for their efforts. With toddlers and pre-schoolers, try asking them what they liked most about their lesson. These actions will help reinforce swimming as being a positive experience, and in return help your child progress as rapidly as possible.

Extra Steps

We also encourage you and your child to spend time in the water outside of lessons (e.g. during bath time, using cue words from your lesson). Whether you are playing games or practicing, it will all help them gain water confidence.

Aqua Nappies

All children under 3 years of age must wear swim nappies and tight fitting swim wear during their pool visit. The key requirement is that there are two lines of defence - nappy and togs. We recommend our Speedo Aqua Nappies, which are eco-friendly, re-usable and just $10 each. They are to be worn with a second layer - either togs or a disposable swim nappy. You can also find aqua nappies at local supermarkets