Lesson Prices

Learning to swim doesn't have to blow the budget. Lessons start from just $10.50 per lesson. Payment for most lessons is required for each full term in advance.

We have an easy, hassle-free system where your booking will automatically rollover to the next term and the class level adjusted according to your child's current ability. We endeavour to be flexible with lesson times and work around your family's needs, however please be aware this is not always possible.





Child Group $10.50 / lesson $10.50 / lesson 30 mins*
Adult Group $85.00 / block $52.50 / block 30 mins*
Child Private $30 / lesson $30 / lesson 30 mins
Adult Private $45 / lesson $45 / lesson 30 mins
Abilities** $20 / lesson $20 / lesson 30 mins

Holiday Swim Weeks

5 Lessons - $52.50

* Unless stated otherwise.
** Funding available through Halberg Trust

Family Discount

If you have 3 or more members of your family learning to swim, only the first two members will pay standard price, then all additional children will receive 30% off.

Multi-Lesson Discount

Students attending more than one lesson per week are eligible for a 20% discount off their second lesson that week.

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Lesson Policy

While we always try to be flexible and accommodate our family's needs, we have the following guidelines that we appreciate everyone following.

  • All lessons are 30 minutes (unless stated otherwise) and this time includes pre or post lesson feedback to parents/guardians.

  • Full payment of fees must be received by the first day of lessons and we reserve the right to cancel your booking if fees remain unpaid.

  • A $20 administration fee may be deducted from all booking cancellations. To ensure consistent standards, we do not offer make-up lessons.

  • If absent due to illness the Swim School office must be contacted prior to the lesson starting. A medical certificate will be required for absence due to illness, there will be a maximum of two credits per student per term given for sickness only.

  • The Swim School office must be advised of any medical conditions (physical or mental) that affect the learning and ability of a swimmer and for health and safety reasons.

  • We reserve the right to change instructors as and when the need arises without prior notice being given (although notice will be given where possible).

  • All children under the age of 8 years must be supervised to and from their lessons by a parent or caregiver aged 16 years or over. Children should not purely be dropped at Queenstown Events Centre's main doors.