Holiday Swim Week

Mix up the kids' school holidays with Swim Weeks at Alpine Aqualand and Wanaka Pool

A 30-minute swimming lesson each day is an intensive way for children to rapidly develop their swimming skills and enhance their technique. Each child can enjoy free entry to the pool two hours prior to the lesson and as long as they like afterwards.

For the next school holidays, the swim programme will run at the following times:



  • Alpine Aqualand will be closed from 30 September for approximately three months for repairs and maintenance.



  • WEEK 1 (only): Monday 30 September – Friday 4 October 2019 (5-day programme)
  • Breaststroke clinic, subject to demand.


30-minute morning lessons are held between 9.00am-12.00pm at each location for different ability levels.



  • $57.50 per child per week (i.e. five lessons)
  • For details of private lessons please contact the relevant swim school as per 'how to book' below.


Classes available for most pre-school and school age levels.

How to Book

Bookings are essential and must be made in advance.

Contact your local swim school: