Golf Coaching


One of the fastest ways to improve your golf game is through supervised golf lessons!

Based at Frankton Golf Centre, Jamie McIsaac and his team of qualified PGA Professionals offer a wealth of coaching experience and can help you improve your game.

Lessons are available for first time beginners, through to highly skilled players looking for those final few shots off their handicap. Each lesson can be tailored to the client’s problem area, combined with video analysis your game will turn around in no time.

Lessons are available on all aspects of the game, from sliced drives to short missed putts as well as on-course coaching. We'll help you match your individual needs with our multiple lesson packages to continue your ongoing improvement. Lessons and clinics are available 7 days a week and can be arranged with relatively short notice, so give us a call and get back on track to better golf!

Below are the individual lesson prices. The more lessons you purchase in a package, the greater saving you receive e.g. normally $59 for 30 minutes but when you purchase a 5x 30 minute package the price for each lesson is reduced to $50.


Individual Lesson Prices

Lesson TypeAdultJunior
30 minute golf lesson $59 $40
45 minute golf lesson $79 $65
60 minute golf lesson $99 $69
3x 30 minute golf lessons $165 N/A
5x 30 minute golf lessons $250 N/A
5x 45 minute golf lessons $350 N/A
10x 30 minute golf lessons $450 N/A
2 hour playing lesson (+$50 each extra player) $149 N/A
  • Juniors = all school students, high school students to provide valid New Zealand ID.


Beginner Clinics - $175

Never played golf before? Join us in a fun, easy to understand group based learning environment. The beginner programmes cover grip, stance, full swings, chipping and putting. Our 5-week clinic equates to $35 per hour, so it’s a cost effective way to learn the basics to get you on the golf course! Register today by phoning our team on 03 442 3584.

  • 5-week programme
  • 1 hour per class
  • Equipment supplied
  • One month free membership at Frankton Golf Centre upon completion of the programme

Minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people per programme.


Club Fitting - $79

Feel like you make a good swing and the ball doesn’t react how you think it should? Having clubs that fit your golf swing can make a huge difference to the shots you hit. The first step in finding the best suited clubs for you is booking a club fitting session with one of our professionals.

Each club fitting session lasts approximately 45 minutes, depending on what clubs you’re looking for and how many. With multiple brands and models available in our Pro Shop, finding the right head design, loft, shaft flex and weight is easy. Even better, if you purchase golf equipment with us, the club fitting price will come off the total price of the item.

  • Wide variety of brands and models
  • One on one expert advice from a golf professional
  • Try multiple clubs and compare against each