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Rookie Runners

We're helping you achieve your running goal! 

Rookie Runners is held on a Tuesday evening at 5.45pm, Queenstown Events Centre. We are continuing through winter as we train for the Frontrunner Series.

Led by Running Coaches Kim Waddell, our running session will see you follow a set programme in a supportive, group environment.

Whether you are completely new to running, or you just want a little more motivation, Rookie Runners is for you. It doesn't matter if you are fast or slow. It doesn't matter if you stop and walk. We want you to see for yourself that running doesn't have to be scary and you can do it, especially with some support.

Kim will provide useful tips and a variety of sessions to keep you motivated. So pull out your runners from the back of the wardrobe and come along to Rookie Runners.

Duration: 45 minutes

We are now training towards the Frontrunner Series, which includes 3km, 5km and 10km distances once a month on a Saturday. Dates include: 

  • Saturday 30th April 2016
  • Saturday 21st May 2016
  • Saturday 18th June 2016
  • Saturday 25th June 2016 (Golden Mile – Queenstown CBD)
  • Saturday 23rd July 2016
  • Saturday 27th August 2016
  • Saturday 17th September 2016



Rookie Runners is completely free for all Alpine Health & Fitness members, or with your gym entry. Otherwise it's just $5 per session for non-members. Everyone is welcome!

For more information visit Customer Services, phone 03 450 9005 or email

Philippa's Rookie Runners Journey

I joined Alpine Health & Fitness hoping to get some fitness under my belt, as well as hopefully meeting people in he area. It was actually this Rookie Runner program that drew me to Alpine Health & Fitness as opposed to the other gyms in the area!  

Kim has been wonderful from day 1 - she has a great way of coaching that makes you feel like you want to push yourself to the end, despite how well others are doing around you. I was nervous starting, and on my first day at Rookie Runners I couldn't run the lower oval without nearly dying. 

I was hoping to build my fitness up, and I have done so much more than I ever could have hoped - and this would not have been possible without Kim and Rookie Runners. I can proudly say I've never missed a Rookie Runners session unless I've physically been out of town. I fell down the stairs and bashed my elbow, and still came along. Kim was wonderful, she didn't push me to do more than I could, and she gave me safe alternatives until I was ready to get back into it again. 

The best part? I LOVE running. I was disappointed that I couldn't enter the 10k this year (I had to go to Wellington) but I definitely want to do it next year, if not the half marathon. Plus any other races along the way. And, I love the Rookie Runners class. I've made friends, there is a safe, supportive atmosphere, we encourage each other and we have fun. 

I look forward to Rookie Runners classes each week. It's "my" thing amidst the chaos in my life, and I freakin' love it!