Mindful Month

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August is Mindful Month

When it comes to working out, we've heard it all before, "it's 70% mental, 30% physical". Whatever the statistic, everyone is different and each of us are dealing with our own 'stuff' outside the studio, some more so than others. 

So to raise awareness for the Mental Health Foundation, and to show support for those battling mental health, we're battling a little harder and a little longer in the Group Fit and RPM studios this August. Check out the schedule below to see how you can get involved. 


Sunday 7 August: Yoga Workshop

1pm - 3pm, Group Fitness Studio, $10 each

Join us for 2 hours of yoga with 5 instructors, including a meditation focus. All proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Tea will be provided by Stir Tea and baking will be available to purchase. Did we mention spot prizes?! Spaces are limited. Sign up at Customer Services.
Bookings open Thursday 28 July 2016.


Monday 8 - Thursday 18 August: 10 Days of Mindfulness

Download the FREE app Headspace and give guided meditation a go for just 10 minutes each day, for 10 days. We trialled this last year and many of us noticed huge improvements to our attitudes, staying focused, sleeping and purely feeling happy. If you are after a more ‘mainstream’ approach rather than a spiritual experience, this is perfect for you. During these 10 days, our yoga classes will include 5-10 minutes of meditation at the end of each session. 


Thursday 18 August: Connection RPM with Andi P

6pm - 7.30pm, RPM Studio, $10 each

Connect to your physical self through a tough workout, and connect to your wellbeing by surrounding yourself with friends and each other’s support. All proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Spot prizes are up for grabs and special guest riders will be joining the pack. Sign up at Customer Services.
Bookings open 12pm Monday 15 August. 


Friday 26 August: Breath Workshop with Clarissa

6pm - 7.15pm, Group Fit Studio, free for members

Learn to breathe well and discover how different breathing patterns can affect the way you move in yoga. Free for members. Spaces are limited.
Sign up at Customer Services from Sunday 7 August.


Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing.