Fit in 5

fit in five


Your next group fit challenge

Fit in 5 is back for 2017! It’s designed to help you get the most out of your membership and to reap the benefits of regular exercise.

In a nutshell, we are challenging you to attend five group fit classes each week, for five weeks. It's up to you which classes you attend; be it a 30 minute express class, aquatic class or even something hard-core like RPM Enduro or our new Les Mills SPRINT class. Go out and try something new - we have over 50 classes each week to choose from.

To sign up for Fit in 5 all you need to do is visit the Customer Services desk and fill out your record card with your name and email address. Once Fit in 5 starts, the record cards will be available in the foyer and it is your responsibility to ensure your instructor signs your card after each class you attend. Please leave your record card in the box afterwards; we collate all the information weekly and will email you with your progress.

Fit in 5 starts Monday 31st July 2017

Check out our Group Fitness timetable online. Hard copies of the timetable are available at Customer Services. 

The final day of Fit in 5 is Sunday 3rd September.


Frequently asked questions:

If I attend more than one class in a day, do they all count towards my Fit in Five target? 
Absolutely! Just make sure you don't overdo it. Have a chat with your instructor if you are unsure about how many workouts are too many for you. 

Does it matter if I don't attend five classes one week, but make up for it the next week?
No, it doesn't matter. As long as you attend 25 classes over the five week duration of Fit in 5. However, we recommend pacing yourself week by week and not putting too much pressure on yourself during the last two weeks. 

Do I get double points for attending RPM Enduro?
No, just brownie points and that awesome feeling of accomplishment!

What is the cost to take part in Fit in 5?
Fit in 5 is completely free for members of Alpine Health & Fitness. If you are not a member, we recommend signing up to our Open Term Contract

Do SMASH-HIIT sessions count towards Fit in 5?
SMASH-HIIT is excluded from Fit in 5 because it is not part of our group fitness programme. For safety reasons we do not actively encourage members to combine SMASH-HIIT and Fit in 5, due to the intensity of SMASH-HIIT workouts.

Do Leisurely sessions count towards Fit in 5?
Yes they do! 



It wouldn't be a challenge without an incentive to keep you motivated! Each year several local businesses get in behind Fit in 5 and donate wicked prizes for several categories:

  1. Most classes attended - female
  2. Most classes attended - male
  3. Most variety of classes attended
  4. Spot prizes! 

If you or your business would like to sponsor a prize, please get in touch with Maria Bradley (Group Fitness Coordinator): 03 450 9005.

QLDC Sport & Recreation staff may participate in Fit in 5 but are excluded from the prize pool!

Thanks heaps to our sponsors (confirmed so far):

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